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Marie Antoinette costume for French Revolution themes. Marie Antoinette costume, wigs and costume accessories to celebrate Bastille Day in true style. A celebrated beauty, Marie Antoinette is a classic character, theme and costume favorite. Marie Antoinette costume and wigs are instrumental when costuming for this European theme. As kingdoms fell, Marie Antoinette and her ornate dress became a part of the French Revolutions big day. Admired and despised, the aloof French Queen became a historical figure dressed in the controversy of the time. Marie Antoinette is often credited with her heartless 'Let them eat cake' remark. The fabled comment has been ridiculed and was more aptly a social observance than an awful slur. European rulers of the day were often criticised for being disconnected to the suffering of the people. Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen was married to Louis XVI of France at age 14. As Louis XVI's wife and mother of "lost dauphin" Louis XVII, she was guillotined at the height of the French Revolution in 1793 and subsequently interred with her husband in the royal crypt at the Saint Denis Basilica in Paris. Marie Antoinette costumes and wigs for French revolutionaries and Bastille Day celebrations.

marie antoinette costume

Marie Antoinette Costume

Gorgeous brocade dress and delicate accents
fit for a queen.

Small 6-8 (7188) $98

Med. 8-10 (7189) $98

Lg. 12-14 (7190) $98

XLg. 16-18 (7191) $98

Marie Antoinette Costume
Two - Bone Hoop Skirts

White slip with a draw string waist. Perfect
for that regal appeal and fullness. A white
cotton storage bag is also available for the
hoop slip to keep it in great form.

White Slip (2021) $55

Storage Bag (2011) $22

Marie Antoinette Costume

French Dress

Marie Antoinette Dress

Exquisite floral brocade dress with ruffle and
lace adornment. Regal cream and gold roses
wrap a full hip accented dress with a zippered
back, top rental quality.

Sm. 34-26-36 (7711S) $258

Med. 36-28-38 (7711M) $258

Lg. 39-31-41 (7711L) $258

Blue & Gold

Regal Colors of Blue and Gold to flaunt accross
the ball room. Up tossed rear for a little extra
sex appeal from behind. 4 Pcs. include Halter
Top, Skirt, Detached Sleeves and hat.

Small/Med. (1186SM) $86

Med./Large (1186ML) $86

Blk. Petticoat (889B) $18

Sexy Marie Antoinette Costume

French Dress

Pink & Silver

Pink brocade and silver flash fit for royalty.
4 Pcs. include Halter Top, Skirt, Detached
Sleeves and Matching Hat.

Small/Med. (1188SM) $86

Med./Large (1188ML) $86

Wh. Petticoat (889W) $18

Black & Gold

Rich dark floral brocade over black satin
with a midas touch of gold accent. 4 Pcs.
include Halter Top, Detached Sleeves
Skirt and Hat. Wickedly Enticing!

Small/Med. (1190SM) $86

Med./Large (1190ML) $86

Blk. Petticoat (889B) $18

Lady Versailles Costume

French Dress

Pink Marie Dress

Short flashy pink and silver brocade dress
with ribbon and lace adornment. Optional
extra sassy Tear Drop Petticoat pictured.

Sm. 5-7 (1975S) $88

Med. 8-10 (1974M) $88

Lg. 11-13 (1974L) $88

Xlg. 14-16 (1974X) $88

Tear Drop Petticoat (60131) $12

White Thigh Highs (6672W) $6

Lady Versailles

Perfect Ivory brocade with ruffled pink accents
and flirty sleeves. Includes cameo bow stockings
for an extra va va voom!

X Small (3301XS) $79

Small (3301SM) $79

Medium (3301MD) $79

Large (3301LG) $79

Lady Versailles Costume

Frenchie Dress

Miss Marie Dress

Sexy pink brocade and gold trim dress
with a cameo charm and lace.

Sm. 5-7 (3558S) $54

Med. 8-10 (3558M) $54

Economy Marie

Pink satin dress with shoe bows included.

Small (1026S) $48

Medium (1026M) $48

Large (1026L) $48

Lady of Versailles

Available in Pink, Powder Blue, Ivory
and Black by special order only, $59.

marie antoinette wigs

Deluxe Versailles

The very symbol of French aristocracy. Full and
high with dancing curls in four gorgeous colors.

Platinum (67408) $40
Honey Blonde (67425) $40
Light Pink (674P) $40
Lilac (674L) $40

Royal Marie Antoinette Wig

Tall deluxe powdered edition with regal waves and curls.

White (1320) $65

Marie Antoinette Wig

Marie Antoinette Wigs

Marie Antoinette Wig w/ Pearls

Much larger and fuller than most versions. Fancy
pearl adornment and sheer size make this a hit.

(1323) $65

Marie Antoinette Wig

Short regal curls along the cheek with
full rolls along the sides and back.

(1325) $65

Marie Antoinette

Costume Wigs & Accessories

Economy Marie Antoinette

A bargain fit for the royal treasurer. In a less
expensive fiber but lots of style for the royal
court. When you don't feel like paying an arm
and a leg or even a head for that matter.

(1321) $40

Courtly Marie Antoinette

Economical fiber and tight curls lacking the traditional
side curls. Tall and puffy in stature for a budget price.
(1322) $40


Madame de Pompadour wig

Madame de Pompadour

Huge and tall wig with straight front and large curls
sewn at the bottom and sides. Consort and mistress
to Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour was a perfect
example of the woman behind the man.

(1319) $65

Madame de Pompadour

Double the size of our regular version and quite regal.
Madame de Pompadour was an important courtisan to
the king. Although not having direct political clout she
did often influence matters with her personal agenda.
Supporting many allies before the royal court she is
sometimes blamed for the Seven Years War and the
loss of "New France", Canada.

White (1318W) $90

Madame de Pompadour wig

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